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Custom Coloured Springs x 2

Custom Coloured Springs x 2
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Over time the springs in the INFINITY truck, will eventually bend and ultimately need replacing. In order for the springs to have the best lifespan, turn the springs 90degree's on a regular basis. This will encourage the bending sustained in steering to be less repetetive in one position allowing for a more enduring spring... Trampa Dampa's must be used to fine tune or customize the perfect steering resistance relative to the riders weight and improve the life span of the springs. The Dampa's come in several different steering resitances, perfect steering for everyone These steel springs have been specially made to work as a cage for the Trampa Dampa to operate within. The Housing is finished off with the new Trampa Spring Retainers which have been strengthend and made from hi-tec plastics and oversized Stainless steel threads.... together they fit the Trampa Infinity truck perfectly (no need for awkward washers for support) and at only £10 for a set they offer excellent value and as well as Perfect

TRAMPA's SPRINGS are coiled to precision & they fit into the space between the Baseplate & Hanger perfectly. This is for easy fitting & to be super responsive to the rider. Being made to measure they are very easy to fit & no clamps or tools are required to squeeze them into positionTRAMPA Springs are available in a selection of Powder-coated colours BUT this one has been Nickel plated for shiny good looks & of course for best surface coating protection.

Our Springs have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the TRAMPA DAMPA's & TRAMPA SPRING RETAINER providing maximum performance from the "Spring assembly" to the rider. The DAMPA's drop into the SPRING & the SPRING RETAINERS seal the ends of the spring, holding the DAMPA in exact position to be pre-loaded & squeezed into the truck. Using just a little bit of muscle, squeeze the loaded spring into the truck, then lock the spring into position using the Spring Adjuster & M5 x 12mm Countersunk Bolt. The TRAMPA spring Truck steering system is highly responsive & totally customisable by interchanging the DAMPA's to harder Urethane. Other Mountain Board brands springs will not fit the TRAMPA Trucks as they are a different in dimension.

For best practice & to take the most life from your springs, turn them 90 degree every now and then and then the spring will remain balanced

In this kit you get the following items......
Weight: 128g
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