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8 x Bearing conversion spacers - to fit to 9.55mm (7/16ths UNC imperial) axles on skate trucks

8 x Bearing conversion spacers - to fit to 9.55mm (7/16ths UNC imperial) axles on skate trucks
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These clever reducer sleeves fit inside the TRAMPA bearings and reduce the axle size they fit too from 12mm to 10mm, (most skate trucks have 10mm axles) which is excellent news for 10mm axle riders as they no longer have to fork out the extra money to pay for the special reducer bearing which scrub used to sell. Due to the accurate fitting of the TRAMPA reducer sleeve into the bearing, when the stainless steel half nut holding the hub onto the axle is tightened up too the bearing reducer sleeve, the sleeve works in perfect harmony with the bearing casing, holding it firmly in a precise position on the truck, ensuring a good spin rate from the bearing and giving maximum performance for the rider.

In this kit you get the following items......
8 x Bearing conversion spacers - 9.55mm (7/16ths UNC imperial) inner diameter - to convert 12mm bearings to skate truck axles
This pressed Aluminium sleeve perfectly holds the bearings in exact position.
The flanged edge of the conversion spacer has perfect contact with the bearing & axle nut, allowing maximum spin rates to the bearing and wheels
Use these to convert your 12mm bearings to the axle size you need.
These bearing conversion spacers allow 12mm Trampa bearings to fit 9.52mm axles.
Perfect fit to your bearings for no contact fast spinning wheels
Available as singles within Parts or as a pair in this kit.
Weight: 11g
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RRP £7.50 - per set of 8

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