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Kiteboard Decks


TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd produce the finest Mountainboard & Kiteboard Decks & Components on the market today. Uniquely, TRAMPA™ tailors the flex of their Decks specific to the riders weight, height & riding ability, then custom constructs the components by hand to order to give you the customer a totally bespoke board, made specially just for you!

The stiffness of a TRAMPA™ deck is measured in "Ply". Ply refers to how many layers of the secret formula material are used to make the TRAMPA™ deck. The more ply added the stiffer & heavier the deck will be. Our ply or stiffness ratings range from 11 - 15ply in the Short decks & 15 - 17ply in the Long.  There is a perfect TRAMPA™ deck for everyone!

TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd produces precision made, premium quality - performance enhancing sporting equipment, Designed to increase your Off Road Boarding experience. TRAMPA™ decks can be custom made as Stiff or as Flexi as the rider demands. TRAMPA™ decks are universally fitting & a Blank TRAMPA™ deck can be drilled to Retro fit all Truck or Binding systems known. This makes the TRAMPA™ decks the perfect option when choosing an upgrade for your existing, non responsive wooden deck or broken laminate deck setup. Even when used outside of their intended use TRAMPA™ decks have proven to be totally indestructible beyond expectation! One chap wrote in to tell us that whilst loading his car his board rolled down the hill, under both wheels of a bus,... Yeah of course the skate trucks were bent badly & 1 wheel was damaged beyond repair but the deck was completely fine with just a couple of scratcheds on it! In 14 Years of excessive testing, regardless of all excuses including excessive the riders weight, low deck ply or level of severity regarding an impact, nobody has ever broken a TRAMPA deck!

TRAMPA™ deck weighs relative to the length, width & ply of the deck. (ply = number of layers of magic material used to make the deck which results in a stiffness rating)  Smaller/lighter riders benefit from shorter & lighter low ply decks, such as the 12ply 15° short which works perfectly with the lightweight Skate Trucks, where as heavier riders need longer, stiffer & generally more robust equipment such as the 17ply 35°long with spring trucks. Therefore Trampa Boards Ltd produce the lightest decks on the market and also some of the heaviest, it depends on the weight and rider style of the rider... one thing is for sure you'll always get the same perfect performance & you’ll never break your TRAMPA deck regardless of how much you weigh or which one you buy....

Generally speaking, average adult sized kiteboard riders (65-85kg), tend to prefer shorter, flexi decks, (12/13/14/15 ply 15° shaped decks), where as Mountainboard riders tend to go for Longer stiffer decks, 15/16/17ply 35° long. The 35° short deck is the perfect deck for mid sized Mountain boarders looking to freestyle or kite boarders looking for a more stable version of the 15° Skate Truck Deck. Please see individual flexometer for kiteboard & mountainboard deck suggestions on individual deck pages and ensure the information for you is interpreted correctly., as All the flexometer ratings are to be used as a guide and not specific as the information is to be interpreted according the rider criteria as everybody has a different demands and opinion as to which deck will be the exact model for them.

If you just wish to upgrade your existing deck setup, you can purchase just a BLANK DECK & have it prepared at the factory to fit your existing equipment. The Blank Deck can be pre-drilled for your trucks & bindings exactly to your requirements! If you are un-sure as to what is the best ply deck for you before you purchase and would like some guidance then please fill in the "Which deck for me questionnaire" by mailing this link

The original 15° skate style TRAMPA™ deck was our first creation. It was based on the design workings of the Scrub Lyon Canyon, where we wanted to improve the performance of a very cheap and non-responsive wooden skate deck set-up. The original 15° TRAMPA™ deck did this incredibly well and remains today as the best sellers on the website. 15° deck is suitable as an upgrade or replacement for a damaged or low performing deck, and can fit all skate style truck systems regardless of their brand.The 15° TRAMPA™ deck is only compatible to work in harmony with skate truck style steering systems as the steering angle required for skate trucks is 15°. Other suitable truck systems which fit to the TRAMPA™ 15° deck include MBS, Scrub, Kheo, Munro.

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite, which was originally developed for light-weight military applications, its special because it gives superior strength to weight ratios whilst (unlike carbon fibre) remaining flexible. It is able to with stand huge impacts or forces and flex's like most other materials cant. It is specially formulated, and presented in a workable matter in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, we weave the thread to our desired width, and place it onto a roll. Pre-shaped and polished  aluminum mould's approx 2 meters long are used to give the material the dimensions and surface quality we require, and then by varying the layer quantity of the special material used in the mould, we are able to control the amount of flex and pop in the resulting deck, allowing us to officially custom make the deck for the customers height weight, ride style and abillity.

A special seal is used to help with the large pump to create a high pressured vacuum. The mould is then placed in its very special oven, still under a vacuum, to cook for about 2 hours. As the air is sucked out and the heated material becomes fluid for a moment, at the crucial moment the heating is turned off and the moulds are left to cool, resulting in one solid piece! At this point we refer to the resulting product as the Motherboard as it contains 8 decks. Once cooled the exterior moulds are removed and the motherboard is taken to the water jet cutting bed to neatly remove the individual decks from the motherboard. The datum marks are fed into the machine for accuracy and water is mixed with a very fine particle sand which is then blasted out of the nozzle under a pressure of 60,000 Psi. (thats enough pressure to cut through 9 inch titanium!) which results in a razor sharp finish to the edge of the deck.

The decks then need to be finished by hand... There is a straight line embossed into the bottom of the deck and a hand held jig is used to drill the truck holes. The binding and grab handle fixing holes are measured and drilled by hand. Metal files are used to take away the sharp edge of the deck and they are then rubbed smooth with a block and various types of sandpaper. The finer the sandpaper used the finer the finish to the edge of the deck will be.... spend some time on your deck, show it some love and give it a good rub.....

We can make the TRAMPA™ decks as stiff or as flexi as you would want it to be. Generally speaking the stiffer the deck is the heavier the rider is, so the weight of a TRAMPA deck is often relative to the weight of the rider, so lightweight isn't always the best thing as its important for the rider to know that their deck can handle their weight for the right applications..... All TRAMPA™ blank decks are available drilled or un-drilled , with or without grip tape, with or without converting nuts and bolts or any other extras you may need.  

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