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8 Inch Tyres


TRAMPA is simply ACE when it comes 8 Inch wheels!!

8 Inch wheels (a complete wheel comprises of a Hub with fixings, a Tyre & a Tube assembled), can be & are commonly being used for so many different kinds of applications, including Mountainboarding, Kiteboarding, ATS Scootering,  2-WHEEL ATB, Skiking & many other applications away from the extreme sports world including Farming, Camping, Motor sports & even Aerospace.... 

What ever size wheel you are thinking of purchasing you can be assured that TRAMPA's wheel options will impress you hugely. They are visually awesome & structurally amazing!! Designed in Germany & produced in Taiwan using original DuPont ingredients & the very best production techniques there are. The strength, performance & inflation capabilities off the TRAMPA hub options matched with the tyre options detailed below, outstrips all & any competition out there on the market today.

All of the 8 Inch Tyres in these product pages will fit to the the TRAMPA HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs will perfectly

The 8 Inch TRAMPA TREAD Tyres are something special! They use an Intelligent Tread Pattern incorporating GRIP on GRIPAvailable in 2 different rubber compounds & suitable for nearly all applications that TRAMPA is associated too in extreme off & on road riding, TRAMPA TREADS Tyres will rarely let you down! SOFT compound is lighter in weight & grippier on hard surfaces (perfect for freestyle) whilst the HARD compound tyre is amazing on soft surfaces as it dig's in for grip & is much more durable & long lasting specially on hard surfaces.        

The 8 Inch PRIMO ALPHA Lite tyre is a super light-weight Off-Road Tyre. Using just 2 PR of the finest grade rubber & incorporating a very high TPI under its skin combined together these secret details reduce weight considerably, making its reputation as the worlds best Off Road 8-inch Tyre! When inflated the PRIMO ALPHA Lite tyre measures 200 x 50mm. The Tyre incorporates a 3.75 inch Steel Band into the rim to hold everything in position & it slips onto the TRAMPA hubs perfectly. The ALPHA tyre will fit to all known hub Brands that are used for Mountainboarding & Kiteboarding. 

The 8 Inch PRIMO's 8 Inch STRIKER Tyre design brief was styled towards fast riding on hard packed dirt surfaces. It is made using a hard rubber compound with a Wide Center Bead to help achieve maximum rolling speeds whilst the close cut grip pattern around the sides of the tyre gives loads of grip on all kinds of changeable terrain's. Using Harder Rubber makes the STRIKER Tyre very fast whilst  hard-wearing, The PRIMO STRIKER is a great Tyre option for riding on any Solid surfaces from dusty dirt tracks to hard packed asphalt. The STRIKER tyre will fit to all known Hubs that are commonly used for Mountainboarding & Kiteboarding.

INNOVA's 8 Inch Mud-Plugger tyre is the perfect grip choice when the riding conditions turn bad & when you are needing maximum amount grip!! The Mud-Plugger tyre has a wide center bead giving good top end roll speed but is also deep grooved with aggressive Grip around its sides, suggesting the Mud-Plugger tyre works best in the worst conditions! INNOVA are a famous & well experienced tyre company specialising in the manufacture of Motor-cross Bike tyres & tyres for many other Off Road Machines.

INNOVA's 8 Inch Straight-cut INLINE STREET TYRE is an off the shelf "Old Skool Classic". Its straight cut profile & ability to handle high inflation rates makes this tyre the perfect grip option for easy rolling working best on hard surfaces such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Asphalt. The 3mm deep INLINE grooved surface, encourages the tyre to "Track" in a straight line & unlike the Long Board sized / style wheels, the 8 inch pneumatic rubber tyre is plenty big enough to glide over small obstacles such as small stones, cigarette butts or mini pot holes & will handle hard packed rough terrain, such as a gravel path, with no problem at all....!

Weighing in at just 280g INNOVA's 8 Inch SLICK-CUT STREET TYRE is the lightest, fastest 8 Inch tyre on the market today! 

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