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After the DECK the TRUCKS are the next most important part of your ride. TRAMPA offers a wide range of Steering options to suit all types of rider & all sorts of Decks. Once the Truck is mounted to the Deck the Axles position the Wheels in the perfect location so that when everything is assembled together, through movement generated by the mounting angle of the Truck, the roll-ability of the inflated wheels & by some weight adjustment from yourself by leaning through the Bindings, all of a sudden everything combines together & the steering is created! Voila!

Once the Board is rolling, depending on the steepness of the hill or strength of the wind, eventually you will need to turn. Turning the board allows you to be able to steer around obstacles & turning also brings you to a stop!!

Depending on what Deck it is you have or want, will depend on which Trucks you should have or use....

If you have a deck with 15º mounting tips (15º TRAMPA Deck) then you will need to fit Skate Trucks to the deck. Skate Trucks need a 15º mounting angle in order to steer correctly.

If you have a deck with more than 15º mounting tips (35º TRAMPA Deck) then you need to fit the Spring Trucks. Spring Trucks need a 35º mounting angle in order to steer correctly. Spring Trucks are commonly referred to as "Channel Trucks". The springs are NOT suspension! The Springs are there to support the Kingpin during steering. 

Channel Trucks work & perform in a completely different way to Skate Trucks. Channel Trucks weigh more & are visibly much more robust. Channel Trucks also have a lot more adjustment than Skate Trucks makig them far more suitable for advanced riders looking for a mega tight setup! Channel Trucks are much more suitable for heavier adult sized riders, somebody progressing beyond beginner, someone who is demanding more from their equipment than the regular junior rider after a few rides....

Channel Trucks are now available in a minitu

All Trucks are fundamentally made of 3 parts - The Baseplate, the Hanger & the Kingpin. The Hanger comes with the Axles already fitted into it at the factory. The Hanger & the Baseplate are connected by the Kingpin. 

Skate Trucks use a vertically mounted Kingpin to 'pivot & steer'. Using a vertically mounted kingpin means gentle leaning left or right over the Kingpin will easily create steering, making skate trucks the perfect option for younger/smaller or novice riders wishing to learn the basics on. The Kingpin passes through the bottom of the Baseplate, into the connecting hole in the Hanger. Rubber Bushings slide over the Kingpin to support the connection. The rubber bushings prevent wear on the metal parts & provide movement for the steering. The 'Nose' of the Hanger is forced into the 'Nose Housing' in the baseplate. To prevent wear the Nose Housing in the baseplate is lined with a removable plastic Pivot cap, this also generates movement which further assists the steering... The Hanger & Baseplate are held together using a special Dome headed Washer (to hold the rubber bushings in position) & a 3/8ths Nylock nut to hold it all in position. Using a single pivot point to steer makes the Skate Trucks easier to steer (more suitable for smaller newer riders) but may also be more likely to 'Speed Wobble' especially when riding on rougher terrain at high speed especially when riding at high speed. The Rubber Bushings in a Skate Truck help control & support the amount of wobble by giving more steering resistance. The steering resistance can be adjusted by either tightening the Kingpin Nut down squashing the rubber bushings in the special washer or if you have tried tightening your trucks & found you still need more resistance then for a more longer term resolve changing the Rubber Bushing to a stiffer rubber will eliminate some of the wobble

The assembly of the Channel Trucks is completely different to that of the Skate Trucks....

To save weight, the Kingpin in the Spring Truck is slimmed down to just 8mm thick! 8mm is more than enough material strength for the application it is designed for, that is if you are using genuine materials like TRAMPA does! The Spring Truck Kingpin pushes through Horizontally & not from the bottom like in the skate trucks... High Quality Plastic Bushings are used for mounting the Kingpin through the Spring Trucks. The plastic Bushings prevent the metal parts from scratching each other & eliminate any remaining tolerance issues in the making of the metal parts. As a consequence the Plastic Bushings supply a nice 'Top Quality' snug feel to the assembly of the Truck, whilst most importantly the Plastic Bushings prevent wear between the moving metal items (Baseplate & Hanger) providing you the most reliable & highest performing steering system on the market today!

The steering resistance in the Truck is gained by the supporting SPRINGS which are Squeezed into the gap, taking up the slack between the Baseplate & the Hanger. To give further resistance to the steering, the springs can be supported with Rubber TRAMPA DAMPA's. The TRAMPA Dampa's are inserted into the Spring before the spring is inserted into the Truck. The TRAMPA Dampa's are of a clever design (giving huge thanks to Mark Daniels), using '3 inter-moulded rubber balls' stacked on top of each other,. This clever design provides a predictable, progressive & controllable movement, making riding at high speeds a real pleasure as you feel at one with the terrain & your board. 

TRAMPA DAMPA's are available in a wide range of different SHORE resistance (SHORE is the measure for rubber hardness) to suit all sizes of rider from the smallest to the largest! The Spring Trucks can be further adjusted on the fly by turning the Spring Adjuster. Turning the Spring Adjuster clockwise pre-loads the resistance in the Spring & DAMPA to be in-tune with your ride requirements, you can custom set your Trucks in each corner exact to your personal requirements!

Channel Trucks now come in 2 widths!, Mini Spring trucks for the STREET or URBAN Environments & Regular ATB Spring Trucks for DIRT!  Everything is available in a variety of different finishes, from Solid painted Metal to Anodised two-tone CNC'd metals, with Solid, Hollow or TITANIUM Axles, whether it be a Steel, Stainless steel or Titanium Kingpins, the options are endless.... TRAMPA Trucks are by far the most accurately built & best steering system of its type there is & the combination of choices are all yours to enjoy.... :-)

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