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To describe what its like to ride TRAMPA's awesome range of ELECTRIC CARVE DECKS is almost beyond words.... The sensation is RADICALLY DIFFERENT, its the most BREATHTAKING BOARDING EXPERIENCE you have only ever dreamed off! The sensation is totally un-comparable to anything that's ever been created before, my closest description i can give is something like the power of a motor cross bike whilst being stood on a Snowboard!!' The entire TRAMPA STREET GUMMY & URBAN CARVE product range instantly looks & performs completely different to everything on the market.... Heads will turn in drooling envy as you circle around & fly by open mouthed on-lookers!

Purchasing TRAMPA's ELECTRIC CARVE Deck will quite simply transform your life! It is more than 3 boards in 1! Not only can it be fitted with either the 83 or 90mm TRAMPA Longboard wheels for unbelievable street riding, but it can also fit the TRAMPA HYPA & SUPERSTAR hubs with either the 6 or 7 inch Pneumatic tyre to make off road wheels or the new 125mm GUMMY Urethane that everyone wants to try... & the new MEGASTAR hubs too! oh so many choices!

TRAMPA's Electric Carve Deck is now fitted as standard with the amazing V6 VESC which is connected using TRAMPA's stunningly good SILICON CABLES, with a Carbon Fiber 12s Beast Box that's capable of housing at least 2x 6s batteries (not Supplied) & up to 2 x VESC 6 to give Un-believable 12s TWIN MOTOR performance of up to 65kmph & a range of well over 40 Kilometers can easily be achieved. So far in our extensive tests & Nottingham is a very hilly place (claiming the 2nd steepest Street in England), we have not found a hill that these 12s single motor beasts cant get up, in fact its not a case of just getting up the hill, its a case of ripping back up the hill, being able to stay on the board when accellerating up hill under full power becomes a mind blowing 'Hill-arious' challenge !! :-)

To be honest its beyond my gramatical skills to be able describe to you just how good it feels to ride TRAMPA's awesome range of ELECTRIC CARVER DECKS..! To say they are RADICALLY DIFFERENT (not original) or are the most BREATHTAKING BOARDING EXPERIENCE you have only ever dreamed off are honestly for me both huge understatements, as literally im still shaking my head in dis-belief each time i return back from a ride out on one of them...

TRAMPA's Electric Street Caver is genuinely totally un-comparable to any board that's ever been created before it. For the Carve hungry, it can turn so tight it can throw your off or if flat out speed is your thing they can be setup so stiff it can be set up to go like a rocket!! I guess the closest description i can give is to say something along the lines of 'It feels like the thrill of a motor cross bike, whilst being stood on a surfboard, but on the best run you have ever riden, travelling endlessly or until your feet are burning for a break, its amazing!'

The entire TRAMPA CARVE range (STREET, URBAN 7 GUMMIES) is fully interactive with itself & with the right Pulleys & belt combinations (you need different sized Pulleys to fit the different sized wheels to give you the best correct gearing performance & you will need a different sized belt to fit the different size of pulley correctly) but you can setup the Carve Deck in any of the 3 combinations by simply swapping the wheels & belts really easily. Regardless of the setup the TRAMPA CARVEBOARD instantly looks & performs completely different (better) to everything else before it....

If you have some super smooth surfaces to ride (like i do, the new tram path is like F1 Tarmac & goes for well over 5 miles past my house) then the TRAMPA ELECTRIC STREET CARVER is definitely the model to take, it is so good it will literally transform your life! The deck can be setup to be super loose for intense Ninga carving or set mega tight for Insane Top Speed... All TRAMPA Boards are now fitted as standard with the amazing VESC 6 Speed Controller which is connected with TRAMPA's very own & Highly Flexible Silicone Coated Cables. The Single Motor Carve deck uses the rear mounted Carbon Fiber 12s Beast Box which is capable of housing 1x 12s or 2x 6s batteries (NOT SUPPLIED) to give un-believable power & performance through just 1 wheel making well over 50kmph of Top Speed achievable & too top it off a potential range of well over 15 Kilometers or more can easily be achieved from a single charge of 1x 12s battery. 

There is much debate over whether using a single Motor & Rear mounted Battery Box on your Street Carver compared to a Twin Motor Underboard Battery Box as to what is best...? For sure adding Twin Motors to any TRAMPA Board gives un-imaginable performance. Twin motor setups are powerful machines, they will double your Grip & Increase your acceleration, they will take you up steeper hills easier and faster, but then of course adding Twin motors on this kind of deck (No Bindings) means then you are forced to take the heavier SOLID Deck & to position the batteries under the board, which i also agree with, putting the batteries underneath the deck makes the Deck look very sleek n Sexy & i get it when people ask what is that on the back of the Single Motor Beast Box deck, (refering to the battery box on the back), however Adding twin motors firstly adds a huge additional cost to your purchase whilst at the same time almost doubles the weight of the board as you will need more batteries which are heavy & 1 more speed controller (not cheap or light) & then the wiring can be challenging with not a lot of room for maneuver and of course it is debatable of some riders are skilled enough to warrant riding Twin Motor all the time... Its like going from Porsche 911 to Porsche 918 Spyder, the difference is very noticable....

However, on first concept the TRAMPA Carve Deck is supposed to be a small sized City bound Urban Styled deck with flex, not Flexi, but it is designed to at least have some good flex about it to make as its not designed as an all out racer, & well by adding the batteries underneath the deck in a tray, of course this tightens the flex considerably & then seeing as im not an electrician & i do not own the skills to make my own custom 18650 battery or repair on when it went wrong, i wonder about the obvious issues of the deck being so flexi whilst having so many expensive batteries in there and from my own experience, (i ride a too & from work daily), eventually you get caught out by the weather & your forced to wait it out in the pub for the rain to die down, but eventually you have to head home but its still wet & everything is getting soaked... it happens... & that's when my mind tends to worry about the cells being located under the flexi deck...

In the first place the Carve range of products are designed to be smaller & much lighter weight versions of the original TRAMPA Mountainboards. The Carver Decks were to be designed smaller & ligter to be far more use friendly in the new environment they are designed to live in, in my experience riding mostly on cycle paths your often at Traffic lights with roads to cross... My Single Motor Ultimate Urban Carver is so easy to jump of & pick up at the lights, it weighs just over 9kg is really light well balanced n dead easy to pick up by simply slipping my middle fingers through the HOLYPRO holes in the top of the deck, im able to jossle my way to the front of any ques and im usually ahead of any cyclists trying to puff theor way to work & as i like to carve loads on my route to work i love my deck to be super flexi, im 75kg using 14ply Holypro & having nothing underneath the deck it means i can literally jump up and down on the deck like its name suggests, like a TRAMPALINE!! 

In my opinion The Mountain boards are for more suitably sized & work in an environment where they demand the extra Grip & performance to take Twin motors, however, genuinely speaking, as a City/Urban styled boarder using the single motor deck from the day it was first created, i am yet to find a street the single motor boards cant get up, for sure i have found some where they could take a different gearing and if i wasnt short of time id change the pulley to be smaller to make it easier up the steepest of hills but then i would sacrifice my top end speed a little bit for everything else thati rde, so maybe if i lived in a very hilly place (say San Francisco) then maybe i would be more inclinded to look towards making myself a very special TWIN Motor setup for sure, but even then if i decided to take the twin motor setup i think id still consider the larger mountainboard style board with battery on the top so i still have lots of the flex i like to ride....

On the same subject, Nottingham is a very hilly place claiming the 2nd steepest Street in England & we (the TRAMPA Crew) seriously do a lot of riding... We live close to the office & ride into & out of work everyday the weather is good enough too, perhaps with a detour & few pints on the way home, we have gone everywhere we can & so far we have not found a hill/road/street that these 12s Street Carve Beasts cant get up, in fact its not a case of just getting up the hill,once you have a Twin Motor setup its no longer a case of getting up its a case of literally ripping back up the hill, being able to stay on the board when heading up a steep hill on a board with such power becomes a mind blowing 'Hill-arious' challenge un-imaginable until tried!! lol :-)

TRAMPA's Electric Boards are sold to you fully assembmled, ready to ride, you just need to purchase the cells & fit them. Links tothe best cells can be found on links on the front page.

We are not currently capable of selling you the Batteries, this is mostly due to international security measures not allowing the items to fly, the criteria is quite challenging & TRAMPA is too small, were just not setup for that just yet, however the exact equipment that i & all the team use is available from local stores to you and from our international partners if it is not available locally you can get batteries from companies who for fill the shipping requirements very easily compared to us. 

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